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A, Z & F   Design

Turning your creativity into reality.

Create your own Design tool based on the A, Z & F tool systems. This will then be manufactured –
exclusively for you – using state-of-the-art technology.

For this purpose, a drawing specifying all dimensions or a full-scale pattern in metal is required.
You will then receive a personal quotation.

The base plate of the A, Z & F Design tool is prepared for six patterns. This means that you can
continue to benefit from the advantages of this tool system into the future.

The scope of supply includes:
1 base plate with your design, 1 punch and a case made of oiled beech

Should you require a new design – or two – another drawing or pattern in metal will be necessary.
Please send your A, Z & F Design tool together with confirmation of your order. The manufacturing process can then commence.

Save time, material and money!