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29. Januar 2009 A, Z & F
Punching, Centering and Forming

A, Z & F ... concentration on the essentials – round and square.

Shape a wide range of materials manually – with speed, precision and perfection.
By saving time and material you will maximize profitability.

The forming tools radius, cone and spezial rubber disc guarantee a limitless variety of shapes.

Forming tool radius
14 shapes and sizes

Forming tool radius deep shape
4 shapes and sizes

Forming tool cone 100° + 110°
7 shapes and sizes

Forming tool cone 120°
8 shapes and sizes

Forming tool cone 140° + 160°
8 shapes and sizes

Forming tool circular ridge
10 shapes and sizes

Forming tool circular ridge cone & circular ridge radius
5 shapes and sizes

All in all we have for you:
56 forming tools...for your ideas!

The forming tool disc special rubber comes in two styles: choose which one you need:
either the special rubber disc or the special rubber.

Now it’s up to you, what you will make of it!

Get the information you need at the fair Inhorgenta in Munich starting from 20 February ‘til 23 February 2009.
You will find my current partners here.

You too can benefit from the A, Z & F tool systems!

Your Hansjörg Fritsche


05. Oktober 2008 All about jewelry, november edition GZ

Punching  + Forming

With two hammer beats the shape is finished! Out of your material and in speeding time. For this you need A, Z & F 2328 and FW-KW  19 W D 28 mm.
A, Z & F 2328 is a round punching tool, matching to it the forming tool circular ridge with 19 ridges, radius 28 mm.

Then you have to put in the stone setting, solder an Omega-clip-mechanic and a pin to the back – and the earring is finished.

A, Z & F  = You save time, material and money!

You too can benefit from the A, Z & F tool systems.

05. August 2008 Madrona Burr

"Madrona Burr" - a seldom veneer from North America was used for a Fritsche CUBE and three FRITSCHE R ring gauges belonging to it. Despite an enormous manually manufacturing expenditure – high gloss polish included – joiner master Peter Höger from Stätzlingen was able to deliver on time.

Cases - also made manually - and printed in silver were delivered in best quality from:

Meanwhile every ring was lasered with the name of the

Savely packed in black felt it was sent to the customer:

" I must say, it is quite exceptional and the quality is magnificent. Many thanks to you and your craftsman for wonderful work."

When can we serve you?

29. April 2008 FRITSCHE - R P - The world's most accurate finger gauge!

A special order from India has doubled the existing range of R P finger gauges.

The FRITSCHE - R P previously consisted of 28 rings, while the new special version has 55 rings. The change in circumference from one ring to the next is just 0.5 mm.
It now comes down to a personal decision as to which fits best.
The ring made to these dimensions will certainly fit!

We wish you pleasure and success with the FRITSCHE - FINGER GAUGE SYSTEM.


06. Nov. 2007 Fritsche Cube

The FRITSCHE CUBE – which can be customized according to your requirements – has been developed for perfect presentation of the FRITSCHE FINGER GAUGES.

From a fine root wood veneer, e.g. walnut or birdseye maple, or a glossy lacquered finish in the color of your choice, to a hand-painted CUBE, decorated with gold or silver leaf.

Alternatively, the FRITSCHE CUBE can be supplied decorated entirely in gold leaf.
It conveniently accommodates three different finger gauges, either rounded or flat.

Choose the FRITSCHE CUBE for perfect personalized presentation.


21. Oktober 2007 Order for young priests – a particular challenge

Artistic craftsmanship for a communion chalice and paten was among Hansjörg Fritsche's most important tasks as a silversmith

to the press report

23. Feb. 2007 NEW: A, Z & F  Design

Turning your creativity into reality.

You have an idea, a draft for something entirely new, and you need a long time to realize it.

Here is the solution:
Based on my A, Z & F – Tool systems, you receive your very own A, Z & F – Design tool manufactured to your design. This is manufactured – exclusively for you – using state-of-the-art technology.

For this purpose, all I need is a drawing specifying all dimensions or a full-scale pattern. You will then receive a personal quotation.

The scope of supply includes:
A base plate with your design and a matching punch, all provided in a case made of oiled and waxed beech.
Moreover, to ensure that you can continue to benefit from the advantages of the A, Z & F – Design tool in the future, the base plate comes prepared for approx. six further design ideas.

This allows you to commence production right away and turn your creativity into reality.

Save time, material and money!